Our Season Principle introduces a new feature to the Metin Universe that has never been seen before.
The principle is quite simple, but has many advantages for the server and especially for all players and future players.
In general, it's about the fact that you can never customize a server in such a way that it is always adjusted for the constant players, as well as for new players. With our Season Principle, we are solving this problem in a pretty smart way by using temporary season servers. This means that regular players can always experience new content, constantly improve their game state, but it is still possible that new players can always catch up relatively quickly. Season servers contain more and exclusive content compared to the main server, provide a much faster progression and also contain various season specific advantages/changes/special features.
Season servers are planned for an approximate interval of 3 months and target an average duration of 2 months each. In other words, 2 months of season and 1 month of regular mode on the main server. The interval between the seasons as well as the duration of the seasons can change depending on demand. An earlier end or an extension will be announced in time and discussed with the community beforehand. At the end of each season, the season server is merged with the main server. Thereby all accounts, characters, items, yang and so on are transferred to the main server and also fully adjusted to it. Season specific peculiarities like special season content will not be transferred, but this ony refers to special maps, dungeons etc.. Items, no matter if season related or not, are basically always transferred. However, since we cannot simply merge such a temporary server without further adjustments to both the main server and the season server, certain adjustments will be made before each merge.
The first season, the Season of Resurrection, is about cleaning up, correcting, resurrecting Ekstasia. It is not only about convincing new players to join our server again,
but mainly about making Ekstasia an enjoyable playable server again. Smoothing out all the rough edges so that we can offer a rounded overall project again.


As explained more detailed above, the goal of the season system is that new players can quickly find their way into the game, so rates for experience, item drops and also the chances to upgrade items are increased significantly during the entire season. Therefore, the rates of gaining experience, the drop rate of all items as well as the success rate for upgrading items has been increased by a lot.

Daily Events

A special feature of Season Servers are also the regular events, daily at least 1, but sometimes even more on one and the same day. Most of the events will of course be announced in the event calendar, but we will surely also organize spontaneous events with the community through the chat from time to time. A detailed list of all our new and existing events can be found in our presentation.

Hardcore Mode

The Hardcore Mode is basically exactly the same as the actual Season Server, but with a major catch. If you die, whether from a player or from monsters, all your progress is gone. After a death, your character is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. There is a total prize pool of 1600€ (split in real money and coins) divided to the top 10 of the hardcore challenges ranking.
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